About Us

Whole Fitness by Jess is a completely new generation of Nutrition and Fitness Consultation. You can elect to go to a private gym facility with an experienced and highly qualified personal trainer, or have that trainer meet you at your home or another facility of your choosing.  You can select times before and after working hours or on weekends to fit with your schedule. You will receive personalized workout plans designed to specifically target your goals, whether they be weight loss, muscle building, or a target area that’s been bothering you. You will have nutrition-based meal plans tailored to your personal preferences, taking into account any allergies, sensitivities and even allowing many of your favorite foods and drinks. Whole Fitness is all about creating a new lifestyle for you that you can maintain. There are no fad diets, no drastic measures, and no outlandish demands. It is our goal to help you envision a life where you can live every day to the fullest and healthiest, and then give you the steps to make it your reality. 

Jessica Ayna CPT CSN and Owner

Certified in Personal Training and Nutrition,  former competitor. 

My Goal

Is it to teach you how to live your life without the constant burden of feeling like you need to diet to reach your goals